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12 Dec

Melbourne Senior Executive Business Forum: Learning from the Royal Commission

Melbourne Senior Executive Business Forum Date: Wednesday, 12 December 2018 Time: 9:00am ..

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Workplace Psychology Specialists

Early intervention and prevention strategies for workplace mental health

The CommuniCorp Group specialises in developing positive workplace mental health, wellbeing and resilience capabilities - Australia wide.

Our national team of senior psychologists provide:

  • Practical Workplace Mental Health - early intervention and prevention training. Staff, manager, executive and HR/WHS versions.
  • Innovative and practical resilience training for staff, managers, challenging job roles and complex workplaces.
  • Psychological Health and Safety training, psychosocial risk assessment and planning tools, consulting and intervention services.
  • Innovative online personal and team resilience assessment and action planning tools.
  • Workplace mental health coaching, consulting and advisory services.
  • Conflict coaching, intervention and mediation services.
  • Advanced interpersonal dynamics and workplace mental health workshops and training programs.
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