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Posted by Chris Stevens on Monday, July 07, 2014.

Professional Resilience Program: Psychological Health & High Performance

The workplace and life in a broader sense is becoming increasingly complex and challenging. A recent Lifeline Stress Poll reported startling figures - 93% of Australians are stressed while 48% reported extreme stress. The Poll went further to identify work paired with poor emotional resilience as a leading stressor. In addition, stress-related claims have doubled in recent years – costing the Australian economy over $10.11 billion annually.

With stress and psychological injury in the workplace firmly established as a critical issue facing Australian business, there is now a solid business case indicating that the effectiveness of individual responses to constant challenges and flux is a predictor of individual and organisational performance and success.

The key challenge, however, is not so much stress reduction, but rather, how to develop key resilience skills to respond to these challenges with a health-enhancing and sustainable high performance.  

Professional Resilience is a strategic self-management capability necessitated by the demands of modern life and work. In the workplace it is a strong predictor of performance, with resilient individuals shown to have heightened skills in strategic thinking, problem solving capability, emotional intelligence, improved work engagement, higher morale and a healthy competitiveness in the face of obstacles.

It is realistic to expect we will experience times of mental distress, in the same way we experience periods of physical ill health. However, resilient individuals respond well to stress and maintain a highly productive and healthy state during these periods. Professional Resilience is not a skill that is developed by accident, but requires dedicated effort and knowledge to build capability and - much like a muscle, the capability is strengthened through use. Resilience is the product of a skilled response to stress.

All workplaces sit somewhere on the Psychologically Safe and Healthy Workplaces Continuum. (Refer Graphic 1). The Professional Resilience program has been developed specifically for those teams and organisations who have developed the foundational capabilities to protect the psychological safety of their people (Refer Graphic 2 for a summary of CommuniCorp's Necessary and Sufficient Knowledge and Capabilities guide) and now want to take their people and their organisations toward the flourishing end of the continuum.

The case for building Professional Resilience

Research has shown clearly that there is a link between organisational psychological health and organisational performance. 

Those organisations which have a focus on improving the emotional well-being of their employees typically return a stronger financial performance; 2.2 times the average.  This improvement is demonstrated in increased performance, productivity, organisational cohesiveness and organisational and individual responsiveness to challenge and change. Those organisations that invest in the mental health and welling of their employees consistently show increases in performance scores and productivity.

Building on our nationally respected  Workplace Mental Health Essentials and Practical Resilience programs, we have developed a new program dealing with the specific opportunities available to organisations for enhancing psychological health.

What do participants get as part of the program?

Professional resilience is structured as a program because we recognise that building resilience is not something that simply results from attendance at a training session; it is something that you build over time with practice and discipline. Before the full day training we provide resilience resources – including a knowledge, skills and confidence assessment (which will enable the facilitator to modify the delivery of the workshop to meet the specific needs of attendees) and which ‘primes’ the attendee to start considering personally-relevant aspects of resilience to bring to the workshop.

The workshop itself provides participants with a contextual understanding of the considerations surrounding workplace mental health and resilience before providing practical exercises in developing the resilience resources needed to sustain high performance. The program also enables people to proactively identify compromised resilience and/or mental health in self or others and, where required, instigate “helping conversations”.

Participants finish the workshop with an action plan to embed and reinforce what they have learned and ensure post-workshop ‘traction’.

At the conclusion of the workshop participants also complete the same knowledge and skills audit to give an objective measure of learning. We also provide follow-up resources – including the Personal Resiliency Builder (PRB) a confidential online self-assessment on the resilience factors taught in the program. This provides further practical insights into their own resilience and action guidelines for developing professional resilience.

Professional Resilience is a workshop suitable for all levels of experience and for anyone wanting to respond to the demands of modern work with sustainable high performance

For further details on Professional Resilience, contact CommuniCorp Group on or 1300 855 140

Graphic 1: CommuniCorp Group Psychological Safe and Healthy Workplaces Continuum

© CommuniCorp Group 2014 - Psychologically Safe and Healthy Workplaces Continuum

Graphic 2: Necessary & Sufficient Knowledge/Capabilities for a Psychologically Safe & Healthy Workplace

© CommuniCorp Group 2014 - Necessary & Sufficient Knowledge/Capabilities for a Psychologically Safe & Healthy Workplace

CommuniCorp exhibits at HRIZON Conference

Posted by on Thursday, June 06, 2013.

Look out for CommuniCorp stand at the upcoming Australian Human Resources Institute HRIZON Conference in Melbourne this year.

Taking place from the 19th - 21st August, this Conference is the flagship event for HR and people managers. Don’t forget to drop by our stand and receive your complimentary Personal Resiliency Builder login code. For more information click here.

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