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Organisational Snapshot Review Psychologically Safe & Healthy Workplaces

Posted by Jason Aitkens on Monday, August 31, 2015.

Over the last few years organisations have increasingly started to implement and adopt more initiatives and programs to help manage mental health issues in the workplace. With such a vast array of services being implemented, there is increasing pressure on organisations to ensure they are maximising their return on investment, that their approaches are integrated and evidence - based and achieving tangible outcomes for the organisation. It is easy for workplace mental health related activities to seem somewhat disparate and disjointed, and for unexpected and often minor policy, procedural or capability factors to limit the effectiveness of initiatives in place. Objective review and refinement of these initiatives is critical to their long term success, and typically results in significant cost savings and performance improvement across many organisational areas.

In response to this issue, CommuniCorp is offering a new service that provides an organisational snapshot of psychological health initiatives against recognised organisational psychological health frameworks, and looks at the balance of primary, secondary and tertiary factors, as well as the degree of integration of initiatives and actions. This service also provides corporate clients with recommendations about how to improve, embed and sustain initiatives to improve the psychological safety and health of the workplace. The review helps clients determine and enhance the effectiveness of their workplace mental health initiatives and maximise their return on investment and impact.

For more information about our Snapshot Review service and how it might benefit your organisation, please contact or call our Head Office on 1300 855 140.

Where can YOu hear from CommuniCorp experts?

CommuniCorp have been invited to join the program of many Australian conferences being hosted over the next few months. This is your chance to meet the team and learn from our experts on best practice in workplace mental health initiatives, developed both here in Australia and around the world. See a list of events on our calendar here.

If you plan on attending any of these upcoming events please let us know, we would be happy to arrange a one-on-one discussion to review your workplace mental health strategy. Email us at

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