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Workplace Mental Health Training

The right people, a great philosophy and sound experience

Situated nationally across Australia and through the Asia Pacific region, CommuniCorp trainers are true professionals in the field. Our people are experienced, registered, senior psychologists with consulting, training and facilitation expertise and CommuniCorp training accreditation.

Our team has extensive experience across clinical and organisational psychology areas. Our team have worked in a combination of EAP related capacities, clinical settings, organisational environments and have experience with return to work, workers compensation and management advisory. We know our stuff!

This experience results in a holistic, realistic and practical knowledge base and capabilities that covers the broad range of workplace perspectives.

Beyond Awareness

Raising awareness of workplace mental health matters is important, but there is a huge divide between knowing about mental health matters, and people actually having the confidence and capability to intervene. CommuniCorp Group specialises in the latter. Raising awareness is the easy bit; our focus is on making an impact.

Our focus is empowering people to take a primary intervention role when required, be responsibile for their own wellbeing and to know when and how to appropriately respond to workplace mental health and wellbeing issues.

We build the capabilities required for people to be able to actually make a difference in the workplace.

Our Approach

While depression and anxiety get plenty of publicity, our years of experience show that other mental health and wellbeing issues frequently cause significant dysfunction and distress at work. CommuniCorp ensures these are included in training we provide, definitively covering depression and anxiety, as well as the often more complicated issues of suicide, drugs and alcohol, personality disorders, psychosis, trauma and return to work. We don't stay away from the tough stuff; we understand it and tackle it head on.

Our approach gives people the necessary information and skills for their work level and role - from senior executive briefings, generic all staff workshops, supervisor and manager training to more specific training for HR and WHS personnel as well as targeted seminars and workshops covering specific workplace mental health and wellbeing issues (e.g., Complex Personalities, Promoting Psychological Health & Safety, Practical Resilience)

Our Reach

Budgetary pressures, ROI targets and increasing environmental concerns create hesitation around flying external consultants and trainers into a site. CommuniCorp has spent the last 7 years methodically and cautiously establishing a delivery team in all capital cities in Australia and some larger regional centres. CommuniCorp's geographic reach enables you to see your budget being deployed where it's needed most.

Given our stringent recruitment and accreditation requirements, robust service evaluation and ongoing continual professional development requirements as psychologists, we can confidently promise a consistent quality of service delivery, regardless of location.

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