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Workplace Psychology Specialists

Psychologically Safe & Healthy Workplaces Consulting Services

Many workplaces have, to date, undertaken some form of ‘workplace mental health program’ that aimed to “increase awareness” for employees around the issue of mental health. However, one of the concerns now being raised in relation to this initiative is that the program either hasn't worked or hasn't improved the psychological health of the organisation in any way.

As experienced workplace psychologists, we at CommuniCorp recognise the importance of employing a strategic approach to psychological safety and health in the workplace, and understand what is practically required for programs and initiatives to have a genuine impact on an organisation’s psychological health. Our consulting services to corporate organisations provide exactly this advice. Through close consultation, guidance, and organisation-specific review and advice and utilising international best practice frameworks and strategy, CommuniCorp consulting services provide organisations with a clear action plan for building and enhancing the psychological safety and health for their workplace.

By engaging these services, organisations can be confident that their approach and initiatives will have a long-term strategic focus and genuine positive impact on the development of a Psychologically Safe and Healthy Workplace.

Conducted by senior corporate psychologists, our Psychologically Safe and Healthy Workplaces Consulting services include:

  • Workplace Mental Health Program Evaluation, Review and Strategy

    A lot of organisations have considered that by holding ‘mental health awareness’ sessions, they are adequately addressing their workplace mental health responsibilities. However, raising awareness does not equal change to psychological health variables. Our evaluations, assessment methodologies, and Psychologically Safe and Healthy Workplaces framework can help to identify and review what initiatives are currently in place and how effective they are in terms of improving the psychological health and safety of individuals, teams, and the broader organisation.

  • PSHW Strategic Planning session
  • One of the key issues faced by workplaces wanting to ensure they are building and sustaining psychologically healthy workplaces is knowing what really needs to be done and what initiatives are going to be most effective. This session is specifically designed for senior WHS and HR leaders to initiate targeted refinement of attendees’ thinking around workplace mental health, strategic action planning, initiative prioritisation and discussions and planning as to evaluating program effectiveness.

  • Workplace Psychological Health Policy and Strategy
  • As workplace mental health is still a relatively new concept for organisations, it is important that this concept is raised as an individual and specific item on an organisation’s agenda, rather than simply submerging it within the organisation’s “wellbeing” initiatives. This means having policy and strategy specific to developing the psychological health and safety of the workplace. CommuniCorp can help revise existing policy relevant to wellbeing or mental health to ensure it actually communicates the organisation’s efforts or commitments on the matter to staff. Alternatively, we can develop and provide organisations with policy and strategy that meets best practice standards and effectively addresses common issues within psychological health and safety in the workplace .

  • Psychosocial Risk Assessment and Reporting (organisation-wide or team-specific)
  • Psychosocial hazards are related to the way work is designed, organised and managed, as well as the economic and social contexts of work, that are associated with psychological illness or injury. CommuniCorp has a proven, evidence-based assessment methodology that can comprehensively identify the key hazard areas impacting on an organisation, or a specific department or team within an organisation, and then provide thorough reporting on recommendations for initiatives or solutions to help mitigate, reduce or remove the identified hazards.

  • Psychosocial Risk Register Review and Development
  • Prevention activities are key to minimising the impact of psychological illness and injury on workplaces. A core part of an organisation’s preventative approach is being able to identify what hazards exist within an organisation, then put into place appropriate control measures. The most cohesive way to track and implement this system is through the use of psychosocial risk registers that safety professionals and leaders across the organisation are able to utilise. CommuniCorp is able to provide a template framework using evidence-based psychosocial factors, upon which an organisation can build and develop a customised version that appropriately references and reflects the specific hazards their workplace faces.

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