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Why Communicorp Group?

Dedicated to positive mental health and wellbeing at work

Mental health issues in the workplace can be tricky enough on their own. Adding workplace variables like salary, managerial requirements, performance management, workplace dynamics, return to work, workers’ compensation and confidentiality concerns to the mix, the level of complexity is multiplied. Add to this issues around sub-clinical diagnosis, personality issues, OH&S responsibilities, and disability discrimination concerns, it is little wonder organisations can be overwhelmed.

CommuniCorp is not daunted by this type of complexity. 

We are experienced, working with such issues on a daily basis. We help our clients navigate this complexity through our Capability Based Training (CBT), coaching, consulting and advisory services.

CommuniCorp focuses on programs and tools that give all staff the confidence and capability required to identify, prevent, intervene early and manage mental health matters in the workplace.

Experience has shown us that a 'one size fits all' approach doesn't work for our clients - and raising awareness is only the start!

People need practical, hands on training and strategies tailored to their needs to give them the confidence and capability to act and take greater control of complex psychological issues in the workplace.

Not just concentrating on illness, CommuniCorp also provides practical programs and tools that develop true resilience capabilities and positive workplace cultures that minimise psychosocial risk and promote optimal performance.

Why we're different?

  • Our People. As senior registered psychologists, we really know our stuff
  • Beyond Awareness. We build real skills and capabilities people can immediately apply
  • Our Approach. We tackle the tough stuff and truly understand workplace issues
  • Our Reach. We have delivery capability in all Australian capital cities without the need to fly in trainers

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