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Workplace Psychology Specialists

Psychologically Safe & Healthy Workplaces Next Steps

Our ‘Next Steps’ programs recognise that different levels of responsibility, knowledge and capability are required across different organisational roles. Designed as iterative programs against adult learning methodologies, all programs include a series of half day workshops, learning consolidation and reinforcement sessions and optional coaching.

All programs also include:

    • Pre and post knowledge, confidence and skills assessments to assess priority development areas and help quality learning outcomes; 
    • Access to the Personal Resiliency Builder ( to increase insight into individual psychological resources and to extend program learning outcomes. 
    • Customisation to integrate organisation specific policies, procedures and referral and support resources;


Leadership is a key factor in the promotion of positive team-based organisational climates and a critical foundation for psychologically safe and healthy workplaces. Our People Leader programs specifically develop the critical capabilities for leaders to identify, successfully manage and positively influence psychological health related issues in the workplace.

Senior Leadership Program

This program adopts a 'strategic' focus and is designed for experienced organisational leaders with responsibilities across business units or multiple teams. The program includes:

  • Strategic planning for a psychologically safe and healthy workplace;
  • Leading psychologically safe & healthy workplaces;
  • Understanding and managing current and emerging psychosocial risk factors;
  • Developing a more advanced professional level of resilience;
  • Providing advanced feedback skills;
  • Engaging in alternative dispute resolution;
  • Consolidation and reinforcement sessions;
  • Optional individual coaching to reinforce critical capabilities and address gaps in knowledge and capability

This is an iterative program and will enable you to respond to the relevant issues in your organisation that may emerge throughout the program.

Operational Leadership Program

This program takes a more ‘operational’ focus and emphasises advanced 'hands on' managerial skills and behaviours that directly contribute to psychologically healthy individuals and teams. These include sessions on:

  • Managing performance in the context of mental health issues;
  • Responding to workplace incivility, including the basics of alternative dispute resolution;
  • Developing advanced resilience skills in self and others;
  • Advanced feedback skills;
  • Managing and leading for individual, team and organisational psychological health including dealing with complex personality issues;
  • Consolidation and reinforcement sessions;
  • The Personal Resiliency Builder;
  • Optional individual coaching to reinforce critical capabilities and address gaps in knowledge and capability.

This is an iterative program and will enable you to respond to the relevant issues in your organisation that may emerge throughout the program.


All levels of staff have a critical role to play in ensuring the overall psychological health of an organisation. Our employee programs develop critical psychological health early intervention and prevention and self-management capabilities and enable all levels of staff to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and positively influence the psychological health of the workplace. They create a ‘critical mass’ of people across the organisation who are resilient, engaged and offering discretional effort in the workplace context.

'All Staff' Program

Designed for staff across all organisational levels and roles, this practical program includes:

  • Workplace mental health identification, intervention and referral;
  • Active skills in receiving feedback and ‘managing up;
  • Practical mindfulness;
  • Advanced resilience skills;
  • Personal efficiency and prioritisation;
  • Consolidation and reinforcement sessions;
  • Options are also available for coaching

Induction/Graduate Program

Organisational on-boarding represents a unique opportunity to build business critical capabilities that support individual psychological health and psychologically safe and healthy teams and workplaces. Our induction/graduate programs start staff on the right footing when it comes to workplace mental health matters and are specially designed to integrate with your existing induction activities and build staff knowledge and capabilities in:

  • Workplace psychological health roles and responsibilities;
  • Recognising, reporting, referral and support skills systems, and policies and procedures;
  • Psychological self-management skills that enable them to maintain resilience, performance and positive engagement at work;
  • Essentials of assertiveness and Managing Up;
  • Getting the most from feedback

Options are also available for individual and group consolidation sessions and all programs can be fully tailored to suit your needs.


To help maintain and reinforce existing mental health related training, CommuniCorp has a range of half day refresher courses available that build on existing workplace mental health development initiatives. Delivered in highly applied 2.5 hr to 3.5 hr workshop formats, these courses minimise workplace disruption while ensuring currency of knowledge and enhance skills and confidence in critical workplace mental health matters.

  • Resilience in the Workplace;
  • Workplace Mental Health - Initiating Conversations;
  • Managing Staff with Mental Health Concerns;
  • Workplace Civility and Appropriate Workplace Behaviour

Contact CommuniCorp on 1300 855 140 or to determine which refresher courses are most suitable for your organisation.

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