‘Workplace Change and Uncertainty – Managing Psychosocial Risks’
Senior Executive Business Forum* (2 hrs & Free of Charge) | 26th October 2015 | North Sydney (other dates & locations TBA)

Typical psychological responses to change and uncertainty are quite well understood, but often there is little consideration given to as to why certain people are more affected than others . Similarly, there is often little or no consideration given to the broader psychosocial hazards associated with workplace change and uncertainty, and how to manage these in a practical, proactive manner, as opposed to adopting a reactive or basic symptom reduction type approach.

This forum will draw on international research and best practice approaches to addressing the psychosocial hazards associated with change and draw on case studies from CommuniCorp’s work with major Australian organisations on how to protect psychological health during uncertain times, manage psychosocial risks and maintain productivity and performance.

* Strict eligibility criteria apply
CommuniCorp is proud to be attending the upcoming "International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership" (IIMHL) Leadership Exchange being held during September in Canada.

Representing CommuniCorp will be Director Dr Laura Kirby.

IIMHL is a unique "Government-to-Government" international initiative that focuses on improving mental health and addiction services. It is funded by the governments of each of the eight participating countries: Australia, England, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, USA and Sweden.

CommuniCorp client Westpac was recently recognised as an ABA 100 Winner for Human Resource Management in The Australian Business Awards for their Aggressive Customer Training initiative, an initiative CommuniCorp was instrumental in executing. 

David Ninnes, Westpac Group Head of Health, Safety & Wellbeing said, “Our vision is to be one of the world’s great service companies and programs like this focus on delivering great customer service through all types of customer interactions. Service leadership is about empowering our people to have great relationships with every customer and this program takes a new approach to responding to customer incidents."


Introducing CommuniCorp's new "Snapshot Review" service

Over the last few years organisations have increasingly started to implement and adopt more initiatives and programs to help manage mental health issues in the workplace. With such a vast array of services being implemented, there is increasing pressure on organisations to ensure they are maximising their return on investment, that their approaches are integrated and evidence - based and achieving tangible outcomes for the organisation. It is easy for workplace mental health related activities to seem somewhat disparate and disjointed, and for unexpected and often minor policy, procedural or capability factors to limit the effectiveness of initiatives in place.

Objective review and refinement of these initiatives is critical to their long term success, and typically results in significant cost savings and performance improvement across many organisational areas.

Dr Chris Stevens gives keynote addresses for the international law firm Herbert Smith Freehills’ Safety Leadership Series events in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

With widespread recognition of the need to address workplace mental health there has been a proliferation of approaches, with quite variable effectiveness, adopted across corporate Australia. Not surprisingly, therefore, there were huge turnouts to hear Dr Chris Stevens put all this in perspective and give some practical, evidence-based guidelines.

The thrust of his talk was that organisations need to take a risk-management approach to actively promote workplace psychological health. Dr Stevens contrasted this with the current workplace emphasis on reactive community and not-for-profit based programs that are symptom and mental ill health oriented and which mostly take a tertiary, treatment and psychological injury approach.

CommuniCorp are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Laura Kirby as Director 

Managing Director Dave Burroughs reports “Dr Kirby has been an integral member of the CommuniCorp team since joining the organisation around 6 years ago, and we are very excited to announce Laura's appointment as Director. Laura is an enormously capable professional, with a diverse capability set and practical experience and will help to ensure the continued growth of the business, and the continued promotion of workplace mental health as a top agenda item for Australian organisations.”

Laura is well known to many of CommuniCorp's clients, having steered many large organisational rollouts both in the design of customised psychological health solutions and also through her expert delivery. Most recently Dr Kirby worked closely with Westpac on their "Aggressive Customers" program, which was awarded the Australian Business Award for Human Resource Management. 

Laura recently completed her Doctorate in Organisational Psychology, where she further developed her knowledge and capabilities as a practitioner in the area of contemporary organisational issues, organisational performance and developing and analysing effective targeted workplace programmes.

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