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Join the Psychologically Healthy Workplaces Australia LinkedIn Group! It's a hub where like-minded professionals can meet and discuss issues related to this growing area. A great resource tool, we will post the latest information and provide access to white papers, checklists and much more. Join now by clicking here or searching Psychologically Healthy Workplaces Australia through your LinkedIn page.

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'Tis the Season - How Resilient Are You?

With the holidays fast approaching and the work year coming to a close, chances are you will have numerous deadlines and tasks that will require action.  Although the holidays are meant to be a relaxing time, many can find them stressful and feel overwhelmed.  A fundamental strategy to use to get through stressful and demanding times is to focus on what you can change rather than those things outside your control. Remember, as thedoghousediaries.com reminds us, life is full of ups and downs.

For more on how to develop your ability to ride life's rocky road, check out the Personal Resiliency Builder. CommuniCorp Group will be giving away a limited number of PRB access codes for free so email your interest to info@communicorpgroup.com to secure yours today!  



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Introducing Dr Melissa Marot

CommuniCorp is excited to welcome on board Dr Melissa Marot as new Principal Consultant and Regional Manager from our Melbourne office.  Dr Marot will be heavily involved in Victorian, South Australian, Tasmanian and national CommuniCorp operations and service delivery.

Dr Marot has a stellar CV so read more about her work here.

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CommuniCorp Launches Senior Executive Business Forums

With increasing information, media reporting, evolving legislation, conflicting approaches to workplace mental health and uncertainty as to what is actually required to develop a Psychologically Safe & Healthy working environment and resilient workplace, CommuniCorp is hosting a series of free Senior Executive Business Forums to provide a no-nonsense, practical opportunity for organisational leaders to learn from industry experts, ask questions and candidly discuss emerging issues affecting corporate Australia.

Commencing November 2013 and continuing nationally from February 2014, forum topics will include, 'Workplace Bullying', 'Managing Staff with Mental Health Concerns' and 'Managing Resilience Through Corporate Change'.  Forums are limited to 10 participants per session and are exclusively for senior HR/WHS/L&D executives from larger organisations to ensure a high level peer learning environment.

If you are interested in attending please register your interest here.

Got a topic you'd like to see us cover at a Senior Executive Business Forum? Send it through to davidb@communicorpgroup.com


Bullying and New Fair Work Legislation

New Fair Work Legislation comes into effect as of January 1st 2014. The new laws give the employee power to lodge a claim of bullying directly with the Fair Work Commission. Obviously, workplace bullying is very serious and involves often quite complex behaviours.  Not only do the actions of the alleged perpetrator need to be considered, but also things like the perceptions of the alleged victim and the organisational context in which events occur. Many employer groups believe there is a lack of clarity with the legislation which could be leaving businesses vulnerable. This month, the Fair Work Commission released an 'Anti-Bullying Case Management Model' and a draft 'Anti-Bullying Benchbook' to assist in informing employers before January 2014 - this is definitely worth a look.

Commencing February 2014, CommuniCorp will be hosting a series of Senior Executive Business Forums entitled 'Preventing Workplace Bullying' to help clients navigate emerging issues and challenges in this area. For more information or to register your interest click here.

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Register now for our upcoming series of free Senior Executive Business Forums!

Join leading experts in the field of Psychologically Healthy Workplaces in exploring important developments in Australian workplaces.

4th February 2014

Seminar: Senior Executive Business Forum - Taking Charge of Feedback (Brisbane)

5th February 2014

Seminar: Senior Executive Business Forum - Preventing Bullying in the Workplace (Sydney)

6th February 2014

Seminar: Senior Executive Business Forum - Preventing Bullying in the Workplace (Melbourne)

6th February 2014

Seminar: Senior Executive Business Forum - Taking Charge of Feedback (Canberra)

Or for more information, enquire at info@communicorpgroup.com.

Want us to visit your workplace? Our psychologists are based all over the country, keeping consultant travel costs in check! Your CommuniCorp expert is probably sitting on your doorstep, email to find out more info@communicorpgroup.com


And don't forget to stay in touch - Find us on:


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