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In this Issue

1. Rethinking the Intersection between Work and Life
2. Your Invitation to Free CommuniCorp Events
3. Post Siege: Essential Information for Employers
4. Dates for your Diary
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 1. Rethinking the Intersection between Work and Life
(Commentary by Dr Sarah Cotton, from Transitioning Well) 
The boundaries between work and life have never been more blurred than they are today. Our new work norms, including 24/7 digital connectivity, dual-earner households, and the growing use of flexible work arrangements, have left many of us struggling with how to ‘switch off’ from work and ‘show up’ in our personal lives (and vice versa).

While there are many benefits to this new reality, the costs of work-life conflict are high and take a toll on both individuals and their work organisations. Research has demonstrated that work-life conflict is linked to lower job satisfaction, organisational commitment and increased turnover, impaired physical and psychological health, and even higher rates of divorce. Finding innovative ways to help people integrate their work and their life is of strategic importance to organisations intent on attracting and retaining valuable employees..... (Read the full article here)


    2. Your Invitation to CommuniCorp Events

Free Senior Executive Business Forums | Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra Brisbane & Adelaide

Are you currently planning your 2015 (and beyond) workplace mental health related activities and determining what to do, where to start and how to maximise program outcomes?

Do you understand the specific 'business case' for positive workplace mental health in your organisation?

Do you know how to move beyond awareness, diagnosis based, EAP reliant or first-aid type initiatives to a more practical, sustainable and strategic approach?

CommuniCorp are hosting a national program of free "Strategic Planning for Psychologically Safe & Healthy Workplaces" forums for eligible senior HR and WHS executives. These practical forums are designed to help HR/WHS decision makers make sense of the increasingly complex workplace mental health landscape and undertake workplace specific action planning to promote psychological health and safety. 

To learn more about these programs and to register your interest to attend, visit www.communicorpgroup.com

NOTE: As complimentary sessions, each forum will have a maximum of 12 participants per event. Strict eligibility apply with respect to role, seniority and organisational size to ensure a genuine peer learning environment.
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    3. Post-siege: Essential Information for Employers

Extract from new CommuniCorp White Paper

On Monday 15th December the daily routine of many Sydney office-workers preparing for a busy week at work unfolded in a completely unexpected and terrifying way. As news spread of the siege in the Lindt café, Martin Place, individuals commenced their own very personal journey in trying to make sense of the siege both intellectually and emotionally within the context of their existing world view.

How could someone intentionally hold another against their will and threaten their life?

How could such an event occur in a safe setting like a cafe as people went about their normal life?

Is it safe for me to work in the city? To go out in the city?

These are but some of the questions many everyday office-workers are still grappling with. There will also be some individuals whose journey is made more difficult. (To read more and request the full White Paper click here)

If you are interested to hear more about the CommuniCorp suite of Workplace Psychological Health services, phone on 1300 855 140 or  email info@communicorpgroup.com

4. Dates for your Diary


Cliftons Canberra
Level 2 | 8-10 Moore Street
Canberra, ACT 2600
CommuniCorp Head Office
Level 6 | 275 Alfred Street
North Sydney, NSW 2060
Regus Melbourne
Level 50 | 120 Collins Street
Melbourne, Vic 3000
SISA Head Office
Level 1 | 202 Hutt Street
Adelaide, SA 5000

Cliftons Brisbane
288 Edward Street
Adelaide, SA 5000

    Join the Psychologically Healthy Workplaces Australia LinkedIn Group! It's a hub where like-minded professionals can meet and discuss issues related to this growing area. A great resource tool, we will post the latest information and provide access to white papers, checklists and much more. Join now by clicking here or searching Psychologically Healthy Workplaces Australia through your LinkedIn page.

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For more information on our services visit www.communicorpgroup.com. *Register online today to attend our exclusive demonstration workshops and seminars. Conditions apply, visit www.communicorpgroup.com for details
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