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In this Issue

1. Professional Resilience: Psychological Health & High Performance
2. Your Invitation to the August Senior Executive Business Forums
3. Work Oriented Treatment (WOT): Improve Return to Work Outcomes
4. CommuniCorp celebrates 10 years!
5. Meet the CommuniCorp Team at Comcare 2014
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1. Psychological Health & High Performance
         Expert commentary by Dr Chris Stevens, Director & Principal Psychologist | CommuniCorp

The workplace and life in a broader sense is becoming increasingly complex and challenging. A recent Lifeline Stress Poll reported startling figures - 93% of Australians are stressed, while 48% reported extreme stress. The poll went further to identify work paired with poor emotional resilience as a leading stressor.

With stress and psychological injury in the workplace firmly established as a critical issue facing Australian business, there is now a solid business case that the effectiveness of individual response to constant challenges and flux is a predictor of individual and organisational performance and success.

The key challenge, however, is not so much stress reduction, but rather how to develop key resilience skills to respond...... (Read the full article at www.communicorpgroup.com)

    2. Your Invitation to the August 2014
     Senior Executive Business Forums


Professional Resilience is a strategic self-management capability necessitated by the demands of modern life and work. In the workplace it is a strong predictor of performance, with resilient individuals shown to have heightened skills in strategic thinking, problem solving capability, emotional intelligence, improved work engagement, higher morale and a healthy competitiveness in the face of obstacles.   

In August 2014, CommuniCorp are hosting a roadshow, showcasing current approaches to develop Professional Resilience, and the practical actions that can be taken to build individual and organisational resilience. With a mix of presentation and candid group discussion, the Senior Executive Business Forum series is a unique opportunity for Senior Executives to explore practical strategies, challenges and opportunities to be proactive in building resilience, and workplace mental health in general. To learn more about these programs and register your interest to attend, visit www.communicorpgroup.com 

NOTE: As complimentary sessions, these forums have a maximum of 12 participants per event. Strict eligibility apply with respect to role, seniority and organisational size to ensure a genuine peer learning environment.
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    3. Work Oriented Treatment
      Improve Return to Work Outcomes

In June CommuniCorp hosted a series of forums to highlight the critical need to respect the role work plays in the rehabilitation process following psychological injury or illness. The sessions, hosted by Dr Chris Stevens, were well attended by government policy influencers, representatives from top Australian insurance agencies, and delegates from corporate Australia representing the interests of Return to Work bodies.

CommuniCorp, in collaboration with Dr Peter Cotton, has developed a practical, evidence based ‘Work Oriented Treatment’ (WOT) program to improve treatment and management of workplace psychological injuries in order to provide better return to work outcomes and to help mitigate the increasing costs and complications associated with the treatment of workplace psychological injury.  Delivered exclusively through CommuniCorp, WOT represents a best-practice to work-focussed treatment and makes Dr Cotton’s landmark work in this area available nationally. 

Learn more about Work Oriented Treatment here.

If you are interested to hear more about the CommuniCorp suite of Work Oriented Treatment workshops, phone on 1300 855 140 or  email info@communicorpgroup.com

****NEWSFLASH**** CommuniCorp's Dr Chris Stevens is joining an impressive line-up of speakers at the Comcare National Conference 2014. As an invited speaker, Chris will present a session revealing the benefits of "Work Oriented Treatment".

4. CommuniCorp celebrates 10 years of working with Australia to create Psychologically Safe & Healthy Workplaces! A message from David Burroughs, Managing Director and Principal Psychologist | CommuniCorp

To have a team of over 70 senior psychologists across Australia, workplace advisors that include some of the world’s foremost thought leaders in workplace psychological health and safety, and so many national clients with a genuine focus on workplace psychological health and early intervention and prevention of workplace mental health issues is a great achievement.     Read the full message here.


5. In 2014 CommuniCorp will again support the successful Comcare National Conference. We will be exhibiting in the main exhibition hall - a great chance to meet the team. And don't miss CommuniCorp's Dr Chris Stevens' session on Work Oriented Treatment, delivered as part of the Rehabilitation Case Managers Stream. Visit Comcare 2014 here.



        CommuniCorp Head Office
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          Regus Building
          Level 10, 120 Collins Street
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    Join the Psychologically Healthy Workplaces Australia LinkedIn Group! It's a hub where like-minded professionals can meet and discuss issues related to this growing area. A great resource tool, we will post the latest information and provide access to white papers, checklists and much more. Join now by clicking here or searching Psychologically Healthy Workplaces Australia through your LinkedIn page.

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For more information on our services visit www.communicorpgroup.com. *Register online today to attend our exclusive demonstration workshops and seminars. Conditions apply, visit www.communicorpgroup.com for details
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