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Workplace Mental Health Essentials Series

Practical Identification, Early Intervention & Management Skills Training

Mental health and wellbeing are significant issues to contend with in the modern working environment. WHS/OH&S legislation means that all workplaces have a legal responsibility to provide psychologically safe and healthy workplaces and there is substantial research to support the potential return on investment of proactive initiatives in this area.

Awareness raising, basic EAP provisions and community based mental health approaches are insufficient to realise the benefits of a psychologically safe healthy workplace. In addition to effective workplace policies and procedures, all staff, managers, and executives need to have the skills and confidence to be able to recognise, respond to, and (dependent on role) manage a broad spectrum of workplace mental health related matters as they arise.

CommuniCorp’s practical programs recognise the psychosocial, WHS, commercial, and productivity implications of mental health and wellbeing within the workplace and that ‘good work’, is good for people. Our workshops have been developed with adult learning principles in mind, ensuring that all workshops are highly practical, interactive and relevant and augmented by learning support resources.

With delivery exclusively by expert senior psychologists, our courses cover the practicalities of how to respond to suspected or known mental health concerns, referral and support options; confidentiality matters; return to work issues; psychosocial risk factors; maintaining and managing staff in the workplace; and key issues such as the WHS, Disability Discrimination and SRC Acts. More than just information, these programs teach people the practical, real world skills they need in order to make a difference to the emotional wellbeing of others.

Our Workplace Mental Health Essentials series is broken into the following sessions to appropriately tailor the skills required at different levels of the organisation:

  • Executive Briefing (1 hour seminar)
  • All Staff Workshop (half day workshop)
  • Managers and Supervisors Workshop (full day workshop)
  • HR/WHS/Case Managers Workshop (full day workshop)

For more information about our workplace mental health programs and how our tailored and applied system works, please contact us at or on 1300 855 140.

All Capability Based Training is led by one of CommuniCorp Group's senior psychologists with exceptional expertise in both clinical and organisational settings.

As experts they impart skilled, professional and relevant capability for enhancing workplace mental health and wellbeing.

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