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Work Well with Change

As the saying goes, ‘change is a constant’ and there are typical emotional and behavioural responses to change. Participants will understand these reactions to change, the stages of change and, more importantly, they will learn how to support themselves and others through significant change. Participants will self-assess their level of ‘change readiness’ – identifying and leveraging strengths for change and will emerge with practical actions to apply immediately.

The Work Well with Change workshop explores:

  • Typical cognitive, emotional and behavioural responses to change and how to best respond to this in yourself and others.
  • The ‘rollercoaster’ of change.
  • Assessment of one’s own change readiness.
  • Practical tips to respond to change situations.

For more information about our CBT programs please contact us at or on 1300 855 140.

All Capability Based Training is led by one of CommuniCorp Group's senior psychologists with exceptional expertise in both clinical and organisational settings.

As experts they impart skilled, professional and relevant capability for enhancing workplace mental health and wellbeing.

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