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Taking Charge of Feedback

We often hear from employers, managers and employees that they need to improve feedback processes. 

Managers want strategies on how to deliver feedback in constructive and effective ways and are concerned that employees don’t always take feedback constructively and objectively. Employer organisations are concerned that management of performance via feedback is done belatedly, infrequently and with less interpersonal skill than is required. Recipients of feedback often report feeling passive, defensive or misunderstood.  At worst, poorly delivered and received feedback leads to claims of bullying and harassment. 

Our Taking Charge of Feedback workshops (3.5 hours – manager and employee versions) provide skills and knowledge to engage in performance conversations and professional development in a proactive and engaging way. For managers and employees, it’s about taking ownership of feedback as a valuable ongoing conversation. Rather than a reactive or passive view of feedback, it’ s about seeking opportunities to give and request it. When feedback is uncomfortable, it’ s about being able to stay objective, balanced and open so it remains constructive and useful.

The Taking Charge of Feedback (Providing Feedback) Workshop for Managers provides people leaders of all levels with a framework to help prepare and structure the conversation, to constructively deliver feedback and to follow up progress. Critically, the workshop provides practical training in interpersonal capabilities required to authentically stay balanced and deliver feedback skilfully. This allows Managers to:

  • Understand the importance of ongoing conversations that naturally include a feedback component
  • Develop skills and confidence to proactively offer feedback informally, constructively and in a timely fashion
  • Identify opportunities and prepare well to give feedback: making sure it is balanced, observed, objective and specific
  • Performance management tips
  • Build critical interpersonal skills to help managers stay balanced and constructive when giving feedback
  • Carry forward a workplace action plan using the Taking Charge of Feedback framework.

The Taking Charge of Feedback (Receiving Feedback) Workshop for Staff provides strategies and skills to proactively seek feedback and to get the most out of it. There is a unique focus on how a staff member seeking feedback can help a manager provide feedback in a practical, constructive and relevant way (i.e. Behaviourally described, objective, specific and actionable), especially if the manager is unskilled or inexperienced. There is an emphasis on people taking ownership for received feedback so they can proactively develop their professional skills – as opposed to passively waiting for and receiving feedback. This allows Staff to:

  • Develop skills and confidence to proactively seek feedback and use this to understand role and performance requirements and proactively foster one’s own professional development
  • Self-assess and understand how a Growth Mindset can help develop an open approach to receiving feedback
  • Use practical skills to engage positively and constructively with feedback
  • Use strategies to elicit and structure the feedback being given to be objective, specific and directly ‘usable’ for change
  • Carry forward a workplace action plan using the Taking Charge of Feedback framework

All Capability Based Training is led by one of CommuniCorp Group's senior psychologists with exceptional expertise in both clinical and organisational settings. As experts they impart skilled, professional and relevant capability for enhancing workplace mental health and wellbeing.

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