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Safety Mindfulness

Three types of unsafe behaviours that often lead to workplace accidents include: 

  • Errors (slips/lapses) or unintentional actions such as forgetting to complete a certain step in a transaction or process.
  • Mistakes, also errors, but of judgment or decision-making where people do the wrong thing.
  • Violations or intentional errors such as taking shortcuts or non-compliance with procedures.

One way to improve awareness and attention is to use techniques commonly referred to as mindfulness. Mindfulness is maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. The opposite is being distracted by focusing on the past or the future thus creating distraction and inattentiveness.

This evidence based, practical workshop allows participants to explore when they are most at risk of lapses in focus and attention, specific to their work environment and tasks, and to identify and utilise mindfulness techniques which are most effective and practical for managing their attention and focus at work.

The Safety Mindfulness Workshop provides experiential training and workplace applications of mindfulness to help participants:

  • Develop awareness
  • Manage stress and fatigue
  • Refresh, focus & maintain attention
  • Manage unproductive worries

All Capability Based Training is led by one of CommuniCorp Group's senior psychologists with exceptional expertise in both clinical and organisational settings. As experts they impart skilled, professional and relevant capability for enhancing workplace mental health and well-being.

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