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Managing Resilience through Change

The prospect of workplace change can create uncertainty and instability in an organisation, resulting in challenges for supervisors, managers and people leaders.

The Managing Resilience through Change workshop provides people leaders of all levels with an understanding of the psychology of workplace change and how to adapt to and proactively support staff through uncertainty and ambiguity. Utilising contemporary theories of stress, positive psychology and CommuniCorp’s practical resilience framework, the workshop covers key behavioural, cognitive and social factors where people leaders can intervene and augment people’s transition through workplace changes.

The Managing Resilience through Change workshop explores:

  • The psychology of workplace change & resilience.
  • Recognising and responding to behavioural and workplace indicators of compromised resilience.
  • Strategies to combat common dysfunctional thinking/ behaviour encountered during change processes.
  • Team resilience action planning to implement in the workplace.

It is recommended that this workshop is run in conjunction with Maintaining Resilience through Change, Practical Resilience or Working Well With Change CBT workshops and/or in conjunction with the Personal Resiliency Builder ( for affected staff, to maximise people and organisational outcomes.

Other related workshops and services

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  • Developing Resilience in Others – CBT workshop
  • Managing Staff with Mental Health Concerns – CBT workshop
  • Individual & small group coaching


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