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Developing Resilience in Others

Wellbeing and resilience are strong predictors of workplace productivity and being able to bounce back quicker in response to difficult times and situations is key. Developing Resilience in Others provides practical skills for managers to create a working environment that enables people to embrace challenges and feel confident and proud of achievements.

The Developing Resilience in Others seminar and workshop explores:

  • Skills for identifying those not coping, how to talk with them and how to help
  • Factors influencing resilience and recognising resilience deficits in others
  • How managers can assist teams to build and maintain resilience resources
  • Practising a simple model of 'learning from experience' to empower people to master work challenges

All Capability Based Training is led by one of CommuniCorp Group's senior psychologists with exceptional expertise in both clinical and organisational settings.

As experts they impart skilled, professional and relevant capability for enhancing workplace mental health and wellbeing.

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