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Complex Personalities at Work

Workplace conflict is common and interpersonal difficulties are often at the core. Personality disorders and more commonly, sub-clinical features of a personality disorder, can play a significant role in workplace conflict. Personality issues are enduring, unlikely to change and need skilful management.

The Complex Personalities at Work seminar and workshop explores:

  • Common workplace issues and the complex personalities that may be behind them.
  • How to recognise more common signs of complex personality types.
  • Practical and realistic solutions and strategies for dealing with these tricky and demanding situations.

All CBT workshops are practical, engaging, designed for maximum impact and delivered by CommuniCorp’s senior psychologists locally across Australia. It is recommended that Complex Personalities at Work is delivered in conjunction with CommuniCorp’s Workplace Mental Health – Early Intervention and Prevention CBT workshop series and Resilience workshops.

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  • Psychosocial Risk Assessment consulting services
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