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Senior Executive Business Forum: Melbourne 14th December

Date:  Thursday, 14th of December 2017

Time:  8:00am to 10:30am

Location:  Melbourne, VIC

Venue: Karstens, Level 12, 123 Queen St, Melbourne, VIC, 3000 (Room 1203)

Breakfast catering, tea and coffee provided.

Bookings are essential. To register your interest, please email CommuniCorp now !

Senior Executive Business Forum, Melbourne 

Workplace Mental Health Training - Key Considerations to Maximise Organisational Impact and Return on Investment

Building capability in areas such as workplace mental health and resilience is becoming increasingly important for workplaces. At the same time, there is increasing pressure on organisations to ensure that initiatives in this domain not only meet the immediate needs of the organisation, but that they are sustainable, that they can create a measurable impact, and that they achieve a positive return on investment. 

With the proliferation of courses, on-line options, providers and personalities now offering ‘the solution’ in this domain, it is often very difficult for HR/WHS/L&D executives to understand the various benefits, pitfalls, limitations, foundations and likely outcomes of the vast array of options in the market. From community, NFP and academia-based mental illness awareness programs, to mindfulness, positive psychology, mental health literacy, happiness, and lived-experience options, to more specialist psychosocial programs designed to support the workplace mental health needs of all staff, it is safe to say that no two programs are the same. Add to that, the different modes of delivery - online, face to face, train-the trainer – without any real regulation in terms of who can provide training in this domain, choosing the right offering can be confusing. 

Whilst there is very limited scrutiny of programs on offer in this area, experience has shown that the variability and impact of courses on offer can range from the dangerous to the benign, to, done well, ones that have a genuine and sustainable positive impact.

Taking an organisational perspective, as distinct from the charter of the various NFP’s, charities and community groups in this space, this forum will explore:
  • What is a psychologically safe and healthy workplace 
  • How to better understand your psychosocial climate and organisational needs 
  • What are the strengths and limitations of different training approaches in this area 
  • The differences between primary, secondary and tertiary interventions and awareness-based versus action-based programs 
  • What are the critical success factors in ensuring maximum training impact and ROI
  • How to avoid tick-a-box approaches and the critical importance of taking an integrated approach
  • How to measure training outcomes (and not just the tokenistic happy sheets!)

To register interest, please email CommuniCorp now!

* Eligibility:  This forum is designed for senior HR/WHS/L&D executives with strategic/operational responsibility for psychological health related initiatives from larger organisations (300+ FTE staff). The content, methodologies and activities/action points within the session are typically only applicable for those with strategic HR/ L&D and WHS oversight in this area.
Given the very limited places available, attendance at this event is by invitation and through expression of interest only
(contact Preference will be given to attendees/organisations who have yet to attend a previous CommuniCorp event and/or are not currently CommuniCorp clients. Representatives and staff from, or affiliated with, corporate training organisations or psychological service providers, HR, WHS/OH&S and management related consultancies are ineligible to attend. Attendance is at the sole discretion of CommuniCorp.

If the session is full please email to be put on a wait list or to be provided with further information about our courses.

About The Speaker

David Burroughs, is the Managing Director and Principal Psychologist of CommuniCorp Group, a leading Australian-based consultancy specialising in workplace mental health and maximising corporate performance.

With a diverse career working across areas organisational, clinical and military psychology, David now works exclusively with major organisations helping them maximise people performance and resilience, manage workplace mental health and develop high performance workplace cultures. David is a recognised expert in workplace psychology, is an advisor for executive teams across many leading organisations, and is regularly sought out by the media for professional opinion when it comes to workplace mental health. 

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